About Good Sport Clothing

Good Sport is a casual fashion label for girls who don’t like to take things too seriously.

We think fashion should be simple — get dressed, get outdoors! — and so our designs are comfortable, colourful and can be worn in any way you like.

Good Sport- Club Rules

1. Always play nice.

2. Shoot for the stars.

3. Win some, lose some.

4. Cheer on your teammates.

5. Bring the sunshine.

6. Leave places better than you find them.

7. Remember it’s just a game.

8. Laughing is the best exercise.

9. Be good to your Mum (and Dad).

10. Know when to break the rules.

Summer 14 : Pixie Caves

Inspired by our local paradise, and our local girls.

Our S14 collection is named after a special spot named Pixie Caves. A secret hideaway, that can only be found on low tide.

The waves break on a particular swell and wind. Here we photographed our local girl  in her own backyard.

Styled by YUMI  and photographed by STEPHANIE.