Shop the iconic Good Sport Recycled Kimono Styles. We carefully unpick the kimonos, wash the panels and then recut into a contemporary easy wear styles… combining fun colours, textures and clever placement. By purchasing this garment you are not only shopping sustainably but you also support local manufacturing and ensure the story of these textiles

We set up at Finders Keepers market last weekend in Melbourne. Here is an interview with us by the Finders Keepers team : ) You can read the interview below or head over to the Finders Keepers Blog. Good Sport is an Australian fashion label for girls who don’t like to take things too seriously. Featuring

The Storied History of the Japanese Boro  ‘Boro’ originated in rural Japan between 1850 and 1950. The technique was developed by humble peasant farmers of the era, out of the necessity to stay warm during periods of extreme temperatures and poverty. The technique is layers upon layers of patch worked cotton (or hemp) cloth stitched

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